Friday, 5 October 2012

Home Grown Olympians

Our little town is so proud of our home grown
Gold Medal Olympians in the Yachting 49er class regatta
Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen.
The town decked out in Green and Gold and celebrated with a
Welcome Home Parade
I was proud to have a picture taken with them.

This is a picture of 96 year old Lorna who
proudly donned the Green and Gold,
made a teddy and decorated her walker.
She was very excited to go to the parade.

Hooray for Spring!

I am glad to see the end of winter and the beauty of spring.

                                        I get to look at these pretties outside my sewing room

Background Fill

I have been making some practise blocks to improve
my quilting skills.
This is my first attempt at Paisley.

                                                   I love the texture it gives to the block

What I've been doing

These are some quilts I have worked on recently

Clam Shells

Edge to Edge Meander

The back of the quilt above.
A lovely Edge to Edge Floral

The border around this oriental quilt was purple
and gold. It is beautiful. I love purple.
Quilted with a free motion edge to edge Meander.

Where have I been?

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted on my blog! My life seems to have become very busy.
I will endeavour to post on a more regular basis.

My grand daughter Tilley is now four months old. She is adorable.