Sunday, 11 December 2011

Baby Quilts

These quilts are made by a lovely lady who makes baby quilts for friends.

For this quilt I stitched around each block and around each of the centre embroideries.
I was asked to crosshatch the blocks. I added swirls to match the border fabric.
I was asked to use white cotton in the top and dark blue in the bobbin.
The quilt had dark blue backing.
From this quilt I learnt that if you are using white cotton in the top with a dark backing, you will see white pin dots or mapping on the back no matter how good your tension is.
I had quilted the top row when I decided that I wasn't happy with it.
I spent several hours trying different threads of different weights and adjusting tension before I did some Internet research which gave me the answer above. 
I removed the quilt from the rollers and took it to show my client.
She gave me a lighter backing to try.
I spent two days unpicking the quilt and loaded it back on to my machine.
Very happy with the final result.
I also love the back of the quilts.

Baby girl quilt.
I was told I could do what I wanted on this one so long as it was custom quilted and had some stars.

When I removed it from my machine I couldn't stop smiling. I thought it looked great!

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