Sunday, 11 December 2011

Quilting Catchup

I have been really busy getting some quilts done and have learnt some important lessons.
I will explain as we go.
This gorgeous quilt was made by a good friend of mine.
She required edge to edge crosshatching.
This was very challenging for a new long arm quilter but the result was fantastic.
From this quilt I learnt that you must embellish your quilt AFTER it goes to the quilter.
The flowers in the little girls hands were yo yo's with beads in the centre and the bottom of the skirts had different laces and braid, some also with beading. My lines would go everywhere when I came to these embellishments.
You also have to roll the quilt and these embellishments could stop the quilt from rolling square.
The batting was joined down the middle and I had concern that when rolling the quilt, the batting may come apart but it caused no problems.

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