Sunday, 18 December 2011

Baby Joy

This quilt is to be a gift for my nephew Glen and his wife Crystal who are expecting a baby girl in February. I bought a lovely panel and added the batting and backing. I quilted it using groovy boards in a loopy butterfly pattern. The backing material features butterflys as well.
 I am so excited that I am to become a grandmother for the first time in May thanks to my son Lee and his wife Shelley. By next Christmas we will have two new babies in the exciting!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Fun!

I made this Photo Quilt for my mother and gave it to her for Christmas.
She loved it and it brought her to tears, but they were happy tears.

My family loves Christmas and we usually 'Get in the Spirit'
As some of us live quite a distance from each other we usually celebrate
with all the family getting together on or around the 10th December on a weekend.
We have a great time together!

Log Cabin

I made this quilt for my son Lee and his wife Shelley for their wedding in August

Leanne's Creativity

This little quilt was designed by my sister Leanne as a project for us both to make
when we went on a quilt retreat to Warwick Qld. This is my completed quilt.
She's very clever don't you think!

Some of my quilts

This is a quilt I made and it was my first attempt at Custom quilting.
It included stitch in the ditch, crosshatching, star and loops, snails, swirls and crosses.
also, use of templates and rulers.

Romeo's Country Cabin

Pink Whig Rose

This quilt is my own design, the quilting is Boston Fan.
the back.

Baby Quilts

These quilts are made by a lovely lady who makes baby quilts for friends.

For this quilt I stitched around each block and around each of the centre embroideries.
I was asked to crosshatch the blocks. I added swirls to match the border fabric.
I was asked to use white cotton in the top and dark blue in the bobbin.
The quilt had dark blue backing.
From this quilt I learnt that if you are using white cotton in the top with a dark backing, you will see white pin dots or mapping on the back no matter how good your tension is.
I had quilted the top row when I decided that I wasn't happy with it.
I spent several hours trying different threads of different weights and adjusting tension before I did some Internet research which gave me the answer above. 
I removed the quilt from the rollers and took it to show my client.
She gave me a lighter backing to try.
I spent two days unpicking the quilt and loaded it back on to my machine.
Very happy with the final result.
I also love the back of the quilts.

Baby girl quilt.
I was told I could do what I wanted on this one so long as it was custom quilted and had some stars.

When I removed it from my machine I couldn't stop smiling. I thought it looked great!

Quilting Catchup

I have been really busy getting some quilts done and have learnt some important lessons.
I will explain as we go.
This gorgeous quilt was made by a good friend of mine.
She required edge to edge crosshatching.
This was very challenging for a new long arm quilter but the result was fantastic.
From this quilt I learnt that you must embellish your quilt AFTER it goes to the quilter.
The flowers in the little girls hands were yo yo's with beads in the centre and the bottom of the skirts had different laces and braid, some also with beading. My lines would go everywhere when I came to these embellishments.
You also have to roll the quilt and these embellishments could stop the quilt from rolling square.
The batting was joined down the middle and I had concern that when rolling the quilt, the batting may come apart but it caused no problems.