Sunday, 4 March 2012

A trip to Sydney to see the stage show Annie

My daughter Tara bought me a ticket to see Annie for my birthday.
I headed off to Sydney by train with Tara and my friend Mary-Ann who
we also call Annie.
Colleen and Mary-Anne
Colleen and Tara

I really enjoyed the show.
I have never seen Anthony Warlow and I was really looking forward to his performance.
He didn't let the audience down he was very good as was his co-star Nancye Hayes.
Alan Jones was a surprise as he sang and acted quite well.
I didn't want to like Todd McKenney as he plays the nasty judge on Dancing with the Stars
but.he was faultless, I would even have to say fabulous.
His performance was polished, perfect and really enjoyable.
The children stars, especially Lucille Le Meledo who played Annie, were fantastic.

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